Extra Soft Manual Toothbrush (pc 1)


Price: Rs. 129

about this item:

Dentcura's Ultrasoft Toothbrush provides gentle and effective cleaning.
The ultra-soft bristles are designed for sensitive teeth and gums
Removing plaque without causing irritation.
The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable brushing experience.
Upgrade to Dentcura for a brighter and healthier smile!


Promotes Brighter Smiles

Upgrade to the Ultrasoft Toothbrush for a brighter, healthier smile with each use.

Ultra-Soft Bristles

For a more comfortable brushing experience, be gentle on sensitive teeth and gums.

Effective Plaque Removal

Removes plaque and debris with precision, thereby improving oral health.

Ergonomic Design

Designed to provide a comfortable grip and precise control during brushing sessions.

Ideal for Sensitive Teeth

This product is ideal for people who have sensitive teeth or gums because it cleans gently but thoroughly.


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