kidloo Ultra Soft Toothbrush (1 pc)


Price: Rs. 249

about this item:

10000+ bristles.
Kid-friendly design.
comfortable grip.
BPA-free and non-toxic.


Smart Ultra Soft

Smart Ultra-soft bristles refer to the type of bristles on a toothbrush. They are designed to be extremely gentle on the teeth and gums, making them suitable for people.

Interval flat slots

It's possible that you may be referring to a specific type of toothbrush or dental device, but without more context, it's challenging to provide information.

Innovative Brush Head

These sensors can alert children when they are brushing too hard, helping to prevent damage to their teeth and gums.

Soft Bristles

The bristles of innovative brush heads are typically soft to protect a child's developing teeth and gums while effectively removing plaque and debris.

Close and Comfortable

When looking for a toothbrush that is both close and comfortable for kids, it's important to choose a brush that provides effective cleaning while being gentle on their teeth and gums.


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